CryptoBoost’s Guide To Telegram Groups




The importance of having an active Telegram group for your ICO.


When it comes to communicating in the Blockchain space. Telegram is the go-to choice. For both personal and group conversations, the app has integrated itself into the blockchain industry.


In the ICO world, a potential investor would often start at the project’s website, but then almost certainly join the project’s Telegram group to poke around. This is shown by the huge number of participants in ICO Telegram groups.


Unfortunately, it’s easy to game the system – 10,000 *fake* Telegram group members can be bought for as little as $100. To a new project, this may sound tempting.


Many ICOs decide to go this route, here’s what happens:

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You end up with a ghost town. It’s fairly obvious how detrimental this is to investor confidence. Social proof is everything!


The importance of an active Telegram group can’t be overstated. Here’s how you can ensure that your project’s Telegram is healthy:


1. Set the tone.


You want members of your channel to be comfortable. Keep the vibe casual and the tone informal, but don’t be unprofessional. This goes without saying, but unprofessionalism in the form of poor grammar, e-candence, and misinformation is a recipe for disaster.


2. Chat with your members.


Generate discussion but engaging with your members – you don’t need to be business 100% of the time. Your community will appreciate the discussion, and will often engage and share insights.


3. Share news.


Roadmap update? New interview? Development update? Your community wants to hear about this. Share the content in your Telegram group. You’ll get real-time feedback from your community which can help you shape future content.


4. Moderate.


Depending on the size of the group, you’re probably going to need someone to watch over the group around the clock.

This will ensure that new members are welcomed, questions are answered, and spam is deleted. Sort of like an internet doorman.


5. Be honest.


Investors in the Blockchain space are (mostly) savvy. Any attempt to pull the wool over their eyes will backfire, it pays to be honest. Don’t shy away from the tough questions, even if they’ll take a few minutes to answer. The community will appreciate the effort and become more trusting in your team


You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether you’re just starting out, or your sizeable group needs revitalizing,

CryptoBoost can assist. We’ve helped projects of all sizes build their community. CryptoBoost has the experience needed to take your following on any platform from zero to hero.


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