CryptoBoost’s Guide to ICO Marketing


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CryptoBoost’s Guide to ICO Marketing


2017 was a revolutionary year in cryptocurrency. Investment in ICOs multiplied 4 times in comparison with 2016. 371 successful ICOs raised in excess of $6 billion! Unfortunately, more than half of the token sales launched in 2017 were unsuccessful in reaching their funding goals. What separates a successful ICO from an unsuccessful ICO is more often than not, a solid marketing strategy.


Investors invest in token sales due to the potential of a high ROI, but this comes with an
increased risk of scams, deception, and fraud. It is important to attract and win the trust of ICO investors before, during and after your token sale. That’s where your marketing strategy comes in. Gone are the days when the strength and value of a project alone would be enough to guarantee investment from the public.

Now, public perception, community strength, and strategy, define the success of an ICO.


“The ideal marketing plan uses a mix of traditional strategies and innovative,

unconventional methods to reach out to potential investors.”


This ICO marketing brief outlines some of the most important strategies that drive investment.


1. Create Brand Awareness Through Social Media


After proving the concept of your project through an in-depth whitepaper and roadmap, it is necessary to ensure your efforts are visible to the community. It’s also important to keep potential investors in the loop with continuous updates to engage your community. This is where social media comes in. Websites like Reddit, BitcoinTalk, Telegram and Twitter have an active cryptocurrency community. Content creation and management of your community on these websites is an essential part of building credibility with investors, as well as creating social proof!

It’s a good idea to team up with influencers on YouTube to produce videos about your project. We generally recommend a review of your ICO, or an interview with key team members.


2. List Your Project on ICO Listing Sites


Due to the ever increasing number of ICOs, investors often turn to ICO listing sites or ICO calendars like ICOBench and ICOAlert to find their next investment. These websites provide a thorough list of upcoming and ongoing ICOs.

Think of them as a directory. While some listing sites are free, others offer a premium spot to increase the visibility of your project’s listing. It is important to build a comprehensive strategy with the appropriate budget.  Depending on the project’s goals, a safe budget could be between $5000 – $10000.


3. Run a Bounty Campaign


Bounty campaigns are a type of guerilla marketing. A bounty campaign is a reward system for people interested in your ICO. These campaigns use the token economy as an incentive for promotion. People who complete tasks like following your project on Twitter, or joining your Telegram group are given a stake in the project. Stakeholders are rewarded with a certain amount of tokens after the ICO concludes. Because Bounty Hunters are paid in tokens, running a Bounty campaign is a very lean strategy.  Running a Bounty campaign prior to the start of your main sale
is the perfect way of generating a base following for your project. Referral campaigns are another low-cost guerilla strategy. Current investors are given a referral link, and a token bonus for each person they refer. These strategies are an excellent way to generate social proof.


4. Public Relations and Media Outreach


Media outreach is essential to the success of your ICO. Not only will the ICO benefit from increased awareness, being featured on major media outlets is a huge credibility indicator. In an industry ripe with bad actors, building trust with investors is crucial. Clients that work with CryptoBoost are regularly featured in Yahoo Finance,

Reuters, CoinTelegraph and more. Consider reaching out and pitching your project to as many journalists as possible.

Alternatively, get in touch! Since 2013, we’ve been building connections within our journalist network — let us handle the outreach.


It’s dangerous to go alone!


This guide explains some of the key strategies to drive an ICO towards success. Due to the difficulty and needed knowledge to execute a comprehensive ICO marketing strategy, this task is best handled by the experts. CryptoBoost is a full-service Blockchain marketing agency. We’ve helped countless projects reach their funding goals, and now it’s your turn.

Your ICO’s marketing strategy is what will make or break your project, investing in it should be a priority. Feel free to reach out to us to us for a free of charge, no-obligation consultation.


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